17 thoughts on “Why Israel Matters To You”

  1. Israel matters to me because my wife is Jewish and it deeply matters to her and her family and family comes first.

  2. As a child growing up in the 50’s I saved money to buy trees in Israel to help build the land and forests! I have a stake in Israel!

  3. When I am in Israel, I get an overwhelming feeling of being part of an extended family. As well, history comes to life. I believe it is important to preserve all the ancient artifacts and biblical names and places for future generations.


  4. If Israel loses just ONE conflict, there will be NO Israel. Then the UN can debate all it wants, but there will be NO Israel. And when there is no Jewish Homeland, THEY will come after us in the United States and the rest of the worlds Jews, and once again all the debate and talk will be for naught.

  5. Jeruselem is where our Lord Jesus died on a roman cross. He wil return someday and set up His kingdom in this city Read the Holy word, Genisis to Revelation, it tells all about Israel and how all nations will go against Israel. This will be a very interesting place someday. Study phrophets Ezekial, Daniel, John, they talk about things yet to come.

  6. The only and only true God is the Lord God of Israel. Our Lord Jesus Christ was a man being born into king David’s royal family and He was/is God by the very fact that He rose again from the dead. May God bless and keep His people.

  7. Israel matters to me both spiritually and politically. As a Jew it brings me great pride to stand where my ancestors once stood and to be in one of the holiest places on earth. As an American it is key that we have this strong democratic ally with similar views to ours in the Middle East, especially during such a volatile time. No matter how you look at it, Israel matters!

  8. Charles Pulman said:

    Israel matters because my family lives in Israel.

  9. Eran El-Bar said:

    Israel matters since this is the only country in te world that people talk in the street the bible language and over 100 generation where waiting for it to be reestablished

  10. Mary Sue Grossman said:

    Israel matters because it is an anchor of a religion and of a people – and I have so many dear friends and family who live in Israel.

  11. David Laron said:

    Israel matters because it’s “home” for people from so many different beliefs and nations – living together , learning from each other, creating new world out of the ashes!

  12. I am just so in love with Israel and t
    he Jewish people

  13. Cindy Johnston said:

    Why Israel matters to me is first God says Israel is His chosen people. And He says anyone against Israel will see His wrath upon them. Jesus is from Israel and He is my Lord and Savior. Israel has so much Biblical history. I’ve always wanted to go to Israel. So much to see and learn. Besides Israel has been our biggest ally and their knowledge of security and weapons have helped to keep us safe. Thank you Israel. I will always defend you.

    Cindy Johnston
    Mendenhall, Mississippi

  14. Israel matters to me because the Creator of the universe is the God of Israel, my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ is the Deliver from Zion and my Lord and Savior who hails from the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The prophets whom God spoke through were all in Israel and we now have the living waters that flowed from Jerusalem ( the living Word of God ). I mean we as Gentiles we have the privellege of serving the God of Israel. The Lord who exercrises kindness. righteousness, the God of Israel, God of the Jews , the only true God. O little Israel! and the Jews matters more than any land in the whole universe

  15. christina salisbury said:

    Israel matters to me because Israel matters to God and He is the God of Israel! God has a plan and a purpose for Israel and it will be fulfilled, amen. Also I love the Jewish people because two thirds of the bible is written to them, for them and by them and is their culture, for instance, here in New Zealand many of us host Israeli tourists and 1 young man explained he’s not religious yet every night he puts on his prayer shawl and sings the psalms! I so look forward to Israel receiving the Messiah, they have so much to teach us, explaining the fulness of the word of God, we Christians understand so little yet! May God’s peace be upon Israel, shalom, shalom Jerusalem!

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