About Us

Why Israel Matters, Inc. is a grassroots initiative, focusing on the importance of Israel to all people and the innovations and contributions to mankind that have been developed in Israel. Our goal is to educate the public about Israel’s rich and vibrant history along with its current conflicts with its neighbors.

Why does Israel matter? In this time of turmoil, Israel stands out as the only stable, free and democratic nation in the Middle East. Without the State of Israel, the Holy Land and its religious sites would be at risk today. Without Israel, innovations we take for granted might never have been discovered.

Millions of people visit the Holy Land each year in complete safety and freedom. Israel preserves the Holy Land for all people regardless of race, religion, color, gender or sexual orientation. There is no other country in the Middle East whose governing laws unequivocally guarantee religious freedom and where all religious sites are protected, preserved and maintained.

Why Israel Matters is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Contributions to Why Israel Matters, Inc., are tax-deductible.