Americans’ Views Toward Israel Remain Firmly Positive

by Lydia Saad


  • Six in 10 continue to sympathize more with Israelis than Palestinians
  • Republicans remain especially likely to favor the Israelis
  • More in U.S. still favor than oppose establishment of Palestinian state

PRINCETON, N.J. — Americans’ views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remained steady over the past year, with 62% of Americans saying their sympathies lie more with the Israelis and 15% favoring the Palestinians. About one in four continue to be neutral, including 9% who sympathize with neither side, 3% who sympathize with both, and 11% expressing no opinion.

Americans have consistently shown more support for Israel than for the Palestinians over the past 15 years. However, sympathy for Israel increased in 2006 to 59%, from 52% the year before, in a Gallup poll conducted shortly after the January 2006 Palestinian elections in which Hamas — which the U.S. government has classified as a terrorist group — won the majority of parliamentary seats. Support for Israel has since remained at 58% or higher.

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